Welcome To Bristol Sub Twelve

We are are group of friends who regularly go to shoot sub 12 ft/lbs (UK legal) airguns at the Braces range which is located just outside of Bristol. We shoot a variety of guns in .177 and .22. The range has many things to shoot at from reactive spinners and bells up to 85 yrds, and also a long range area that reaches to 111 yrds.

The idea of BST is for us to have as much fun as possible with airguns in a safe and controlled enviroment. We learn from each other and trade ideas, help and inspiration. We occasionally compete against each other to liven things up a bit and hope to grow this in the future. There is no hunting involved.

If you are in the Bristol area and are either new to the sport or experienced, then you are welcome to join the group, simply come down and introduce yourself. Bob will put you on the WhatsApp chat and that's it.